maximized / itemized / minimized.

Item 1: My friend Jess sent me an Eels cover of Sophie B. Hawkins’s “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover.” It is alternately really sexy — well, hello there, sailor — and kind of hilarious. There’s one part where E sounds like he just got kicked really hard in the nads. Genius. 

Item 2: I installed a Winamp plugin that lets people on my MSN list see what I’m listening to at any given time. Guess what! It turns out that what I listen to is mostly really embarrassing! Who would have thought?

Item 3: Michael took me to the secondhand book store today and I ended up with twelve books for $20. (Merry Christmas, me!) It was (and still is) pretty awesome. The lady who owns the shop was, as ever, smitten by Connor’s cuteness and verbosity. She gave him four books for free — she usually gives him one or two, but this was a bit much so I did my “oh, no no no, we can pay for the other two” backpedalling. She laughed and dropped a bomb on my head: “We’re closing down on Friday, so I might as well get rid of the backstock. In fact, if he wants more he can have however many he wants!” WHAT?! Closing?! Shit. I will never have a new book again; there is no way in hell I can justify spending $10-$30 for something I will finish in under a day. Damn, damn, damn.

On the other hand, I know what to do with a gift horse when I see one. (Dear Santa, for Christmas Connor would really like a new set of bookshelves. Love, Sara.) I don’t think we’ll be finished reading all these books to him until he’s nine.

Item 4: I finally got approved for a(n incredibly low-limit, high APR) credit card a couple of days ago. Thanks, Visa: too little, too late should totally be the idea behind your next big marketing program.

Item 5: I hooked myself up with a Twitter account last night, so hopefully entries here will become more plot-driven and narratively structured while crap like this goes over there. Stay tuned for further developments.


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