heartbreaker, love taker.

Scene: Michael is bundling Connor into his windbreaker and hat for a visit to the grandparents. After they’re done, I call Connor over for a hug and a kiss. “I love you!” I tell him brightly. His little mouth turns down and his eyebrows descend to Neanderthal levels.

“You don’t love me! I am going to Mamo and Papo’s house, and you can’t come give me any kisses! I will miss you!”

These toddler days, sometimes they are hard. I told him that I always love him, that it doesn’t matter where he goes. “You could go to… to Red China and I would still love you, kid.”

Still, he stood his ground. “You can’t love me until I come back! That is why I will miss you.”

It’s hard. If this is how he feels once a week, what on earth will we do when he starts school? That’s eight hours of no lovin’ every single day.


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