We had a very lame morning involving lots of crankiness, so I am going to take a moment here to point out what did not suck. Hopefully, this will trick my hamster brain out of gripe mode.

1) I successfully taught Connor to follow up any “uh-oh” with “… SPAGHETTI-O!” This pleases and amuses me greatly. 2) For some bizarre reason, Wal-Mart was randomly carrying some really nice artichokes in the middle of December. I did not question, but instead piled my cart, and in an hour there will be delicious artichokey goodness.

3) I also made up a song entitled “Artichokes, Artichokes (They’re Better Than All The Other Chokes).” I don’t think you need all eight verses, but trust me: it’s a winner.

4) My hair has finally faded down to a pretty, natural-looking color. (Uh, backstory: I dyed my hair on Tuesday. It’s not drastically different, just a bit darker than it was. It turns brassy in winter, and that’s not such a good effect on redheads, so I finally invested in a $6 box of dye. It came out really, really bright red — almost like a neon pink — and I was horrified. It is no longer horrific. There will be pictures eventually.)

… I feel much better now.


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