i forget.

Okay, so last night was terrible but terrible things pass. Connor and I are watching a movie and eating a snack (which is really lunch, but the l-word is anathema at the moment) and generally having an okay day. Things might look better because I got some sleep and then woke up to kind comments from LJ. (Thanks, LJ!)
A matter of clarification: Connor is definitely not going to go without presents this year. Between his grandparents and random friends and various other family members, the kid is going to clean up quite nicely. I am bothered that I can’t get him anything, but I am not worried that he’s going to have some barren wasteland of a holiday. We’re still going to cook a big dinner and play some silly games and have fun. I think Connor is more excited about getting to make a pie than he is about opening presents, anyway. I just had to vent.

In unrelated news, I think I am getting sick. I was completely incapable of getting myself up before eleven this morning (ed. note: thanks, Michael!) and now I seem to have lost my voice. Ah, ’tis the season… for germs. I can only imagine that this would be worse were Connor in daycare. Score one for poverty, I guess: it’s not all downsides.

(Please ignore my slightly drugged facetious remarks. I am a little bit floaty and work-free today, and I think I am even going to skip the sending-out-resum�s portion of my day in favor of watching movies with my kid and general lazing about. Hooray for mild colds and cheap cold medicine!)

This week has been sort of intensely busy and social, with the end result being a strange sense of weekend disconnection — suddenly, I have no work to do or deadlines to meet or company hanging out, so I am all about blathering on LiveJournal and enjoying a diphenhydramine/pseudoephedrine high. I realize this is a reiteration of something I said just two sentences ago, but it’s worth rambling about because it makes today okay.

**I just tried to post this and LJ cut it off halfway through. This is the fourth or fifth time that this has happened in, like, two days. What gives, LiveJournal? Is this a not-so-subtle attempt to get me to contract my incoherence? Because if so, I must tell you now that I will not cave under the pressure.


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