Michael got his final grades this week. While I am not going to tell you what they are (because he is entitled to some privacy), I am going to say that they’re pretty damn good. This is a huge deal, because it’s the first time he’s finished a semester of college at all (fourth attempt), much less with some very good grades. In fact, it’s the first time since kindergarten that he’s made a grade above a D.
Um, wow. That makes him sound like he’s stupid, except… no. The problem has never been intelligence; the problem has always been that he thinks he’s incredibly incapable and unintelligent, so he gives up. There’s a whole big family-dynamics thing here, involving his parents and his wealthy upbringing and blah blah, but all you guys really need to know is: he did it. He knocked it out of the freaking park, if you want to know the truth. This is a huge deal for both of us — for him because he’s finally starting to learn that actually, he’s a pretty kickass guy; for me, because my years of cheerleading and firm faith and gentle nudges into not-giving-up territory have been justified. My husband, y’all? He is one awesome guy.

Both of the classes he took were project-intensive. One was a business class that required its participants to run a mock business for the entire semester, culminating in an hour-long presentation and pitch detailing its profit vectors, target customer base, expansion plans, and other stuff I don’t really understand. Michael worked up a business and a presentation that were flat-out amazing. In fact, if we ever find ourselves with a large chunk of cash, we might actually start this business. He completely aced it, even though doing so required things like using PowerPoint for the first time ever (which kind of blew my sad little computer-obsessed mind).

I cannot emphasize enough how thrilled I am. I love seeing Michael finally step up to the things he wants to do, work hard at them, and succeed. I love being able to rub all of this in his parents’ faces — “Oh, you didn’t think Michael could do anything worthwhile? Well, guess fucking what.” I love watching him get all lit up when he talks about the new stuff he learned to do, and I love it that he gets so absorbed in this stuff that he forgets everything else. I think all of the CCC money drama this semester was worth it.


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