also: a bonus tirade for you.

I cannot stop my annoying habit of making five separate posts for five separate thoughts instead of writing one post with transitions, so! Let’s talk about Why I Hate Your* Stupid Racist Remarks!

If you know me in real life, it is incredibly, incredibly stupid to make jokes about tossing Mexicans overboard (“… because they can SWIM! HA HA!”) to me. If you know my last name, it is flat-out ridiculous for you to email me about how we need to “just kill all the Spic(k?)s already” or “make those wetback assholes come clean [your] house so they don’t have time to bitch.”

UM HELLO. MY HUSBAND IS MEXICAN. MY CHILD IS PART MEXICAN. MY LAST NAME IS “PINO.” Why do you think that I would want to hear this crap? “But your husband is a legal citizen!” No fucking joke. A lot of Mexicans are legal citizens! A lot of people of Mexican descent are, in fact, born in America! Every day, this happens! “But Michael isn’t a wetback — I mean, he speaks good English and everything.” Yes! Yes, he does! I am curious, now, as to your definition of “wetback” — do you mean it literally? Were you referring to people with damp scapulas? Because otherwise, I am not seeing the funny. “I’m just mad because all of these wetbacks/Spic(k?)s/gravelbellies/beaners are taking jobs away from me!” Really? Your lifelong dream is to be forced into incredibly harsh physical labor for a demeaning amount of cash under the table? You feel that Mexicans will do your job better than you, and are therefore going to put you out of the running for good jobs? (Wait, that’s not an insult at all.) And still, why do you think that makes it appropriate to insult the heritage and ethnicity of my husband and my son IN FRONT OF ME?

“God, it was just a joke.” Oh. Well, in that case, I have to point that issues of offense aside, it wasn’t funny.

*I do not actually mean you guys specifically, LJ. I promise. (Unless you do stuff like this, in which case I DO mean you. Yes. You.)


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