oh, by the way!

I promised you all fascinating tidbits, carefully saved up in Notepad and transcribed into full-blown, satisfyingly detailed narrative! (Did I not?)
(I did.)

In lieu of that, however, here is one of said tidbits, semi-fleshed into a rambling, inane paragraph that veers ever topicward but never quite makes it home. I’d tell you more but I am busy trying to remember what music I like and why; it’s time for my quarterly Revival of the Music Collection. Onward!

A Tidbit for You: I have been strangely enamored of the new “concentrated” laundry detergents ever since they arrived on the scene. (Wherein “the scene” is “the detergent aisle at Wal-Mart.”) I like them for your standard, Cosmo-touted reasons — the bottles use less landfill space, the detergents are good for our soil-contaminant levels, eco-blah blah blah — but I also like them because the tiny bottles declutter my laundry area! I am all about removing necessary clutter like cleaning supplies and functional writing utensils in favor of useless clutter like the eight empty cereal boxes currently nesting on my laundry shelf. Imagine my delight, then, when instead of my usual 2X concentration of generic detergent, I noticed that it was now possible to buy a 3X concentration of generic detergent! Strangely, the bottle is not one whit smaller, but it still gets me closer to my lifelong dream of washing even the largest and most soiled load with a single drop of detergent. I SPIT ON YOUR SUDSY PROPERTIES, TIDE WITH THE TWEE-BUT-NOT-TWEE-ENOUGH SCOOP!

Someday, I am going to have to spend at least three hours in a luxe resort-cum-“treatment center” for this problem.


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