water. (alternate title: no worries!)

The water is back on, I took the world’s longest shower, I am washing clothes one or two items at a time BECAUSE I CAN, and I seriously thought about leaving all the faucets running while I came to the lab. (See above, re: BECAUSE I CAN.)
Getting the water turned on required a ridiculous level of complication, three bouts of angry tears (mine), one bout of yelling at the husband (mine), a desperate call to my brother, some begging and pleading with Michael’s parents, and if I had any booze that would have been required as well. Gah.

Computer will definitely (according to UPS) be here tomorrow. I am obsessively checking the online tracking, because it should hit Clovis this evening, and if it does… Sammy will be driving my happy self twenty-one miles to fondle intercept a Compaq.

(But probably tomorrow.)

I spent most of last night obsessively bleaching the bathroom, scrubbing up invisible (… and visible, DON'T JUDGE) spots with toilet paper because we had no water for rinsing a sponge. It’s so hard to sleep with stupid shit like this going on; all night I worried that I’d wake up having to pee, and what then? Clearly, it was better just to scrub scrub scrub at the tub! My hands and knees ached from the cold, because my stupid arthritis makes me really need a pre-bed hot bath to loosen everything up. As I bleached the sink for the third time I caught a glimpse of the mirror; I swear to all that is holy that I saw a zit pop out on my oily, unwashed face. You know, right below my lank, stringy hair.

God, I’m such a princess.


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