let it be known!

I, Sara Krafft Pino, have the best mother ever. No, really. The best one.

Not two weeks after helping us out massively with rent problems (a project that she is still undertaking, biweekly, to the tune of $100), she has purchased a computer for me that should arrive in — give or take — a week.

One week 'til computer time!

Not only that, it's a nice computer. In fact, it will be by far the best computer I have ever owned. Which means that I can start working. Which also means that I can not be bored and/or poor all the time. Which means that SQUEEEEEEE!!

I'm having trouble writing this coherently, but dudes: computer. I'm sure y'all will get plenty of updates later.


Oh, and by popular demand: here is what the whole no-eyelash thing looks like. Here is what my hair looks like after vigorous use of a straightening iron (and a fairly accurate representation of how I feel about it). Here is a picture proving that Mama's not the only one with crazy hair in this family. Aaaaand… here is what the sky looked like a couple of weeks ago.

There, I think that rounds out this excuse for an entry quite nicely.


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