the spirit of nablopomo…

… is, as Schnozz pointed out, egomania. If I had a computer I'd be all over that for a month — but since I don't, you just get this one post about all the little things that have been bothering me lately. (Small wonders, people. Be grateful.)

1) The aforementioned lack of computer. I know, I know, I bitch about this about every ten seconds. It's just so… damn… irksome. My house is boring; we don't have cable TV (which means we don't have TV at all), we sold all the DVDs, new books are few and far between. A computer would fill the gaps quite nicely, but no! They are all eight million dollars and/or nonfunctional. I stare vacantly at the wall while drinking my morning coffee. I used to check email and read blogs during that time. I am bereft.

2) I really, really need a haircut. My stupid hair is too stupidly thick and curly to grow out of a short cut with any sort of grace. I have trapezoid head, y'all. It's not pretty, and it's impossible to style. What really burns is that I just obtained a metric asston of pricey hair products (for free!) that do no good, because my hair is ugly and lame and all funky over my ears. Physique straightening serum is all well and good… except when your own ear is the cause of bendiness.

3) Connor just spent three days throwing up. Fun! I don't think I need to say any more about that.

4) I'm on these silly hormones for three months that are supposed to smooth me out so that birth control will work. One of the side effects I was warned of was “mild hair loss.” I have not lost any hair, which I would welcome; instead, almost all of my eyelashes fell out. I don't even know how to begin to express how horrific (and horrifically ugly) this is. False lashes make me look even worse, because I don't have any real lashes to blend with them. Even more terrifying? So far, I see no signs that my lashes are or will be growing back. Shouldn't I at least have eye stubble?

You know what? I'm praying for eye stubble. I think this whole unfettered egomania thing is not for me.


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