“You know, I have every single possible permutation of the sex-ed talks pretty much flowcharted in my mind, adjusted for age and maturity level, but I never thought I would need to give coherent parental reasons for Why It's Not Nice To Steal Corpses. You have to teach kids to tie their shoes, share the toys, use the toilet, refrain from desecrating the dead, the teaching moments just never fucking end, oh the wonder of it all.”

Why aren't y'all reading Mimi Smartypants? And why aren't you listening to the Queers? You should go download “I Hate Everything” and “I'm OK, You're Fucked” the first chance you get.

I've realized that my random and pathetic pleas for help via LiveJournal are sort of annoying, but — surprise! — I really have nothing else to write about. However, Pamie is on strike, Sars did a tomato dance, and Amy has a really cute kid. See what I do for you? Only the best for my friends list.


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