variations on a theme: arrrrgh!

It is driving me absolutely batshit crazy that I am unable to watch the seventh season of Smallville. Reading the recaps over at TWoP is just not enough. I do not want to wait a year and a half for the DVD set. I'm missing all kinds of important things, like shirtless Tom Welling and hot bald Michael Rosenbaum!

I don't suppose any of you kind people watch the show and might have, I don't know, DVR'd it? Or maybe some of you kind people have a fast connection and knowledge of where to download the episodes? I mean, I'm willing to pay one of y'all to provide me with my fix. There's cash in it for you! And karma points! And maybe, um, brownies! Help a girl out, yo.

I can't come up with $2000 for rent and bills, but I can damn sure come up with $20 for some good old-fashioned crappy TV. This is pretty much the state of things.


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