lame is the new cool.

Surgery tomorrow. I've been advised, by the doctor's receptionist, not to think of it as surgery. “It's really so simple and minor,” she said. “Why don't you just think of it is a mildly invasive test?”

I don't have to stay overnight. I'll have internal stitches, but not external. I'll have three prescriptions to fill and pick up. I have the option of scheduling a tubal ligation then and there, but Michael and I have decided to put that off — we're giving ourselves six months to get our finances and schedules in order, and if we manage it, we're going to try for a second baby. This is against doctor's advice, but we really want a second child. If we can't try for a second child or I don't get pregnant within a year, I'll have my tubes tied.

Other stuff remains pretty much the same. I applied for an alternative educational loan through a private institution — we'll see if all that work I did to fix my credit pays off. We're applying for assistance with our utility bills so that we can apply more of Michael's checks toward rent and his outstanding loan. I am very tired of my life being in the hands of incompetent middle managers who can't even manage to spell my name or keep track of the documentation I turn in. I've decided not to think about any of it until sometime next week.

The End (a reprise).


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