brought to you by the letter "dumb."

Michael Jackson, Black or White
Something Corporate, I Want to Save You
Edith Piaf, L'hymne a L'amour
Five for Fighting, If God Made You
Christina Aguilera, Get Mine, Get Yours
Pink, Stupid Girls
Edith Piaf, Ne Me Quite Pas
Tori Amos, Leather
Santana ft. Alex Band, Why Don't You and I
The Postal Service, Clark Gable
Billy Holiday, Nina Simone & Ella Fitzgerald, Solitude
Nickelback, Rockstar
Our Lady Peace, 4 AM
Michael & Janet Jackson, Scream
Five for Fighting, Angels & Girlfriends
Edith Piaf, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Frank Sinatra, Luck Be a Lady
Christina Aguilera, Dirrty… and also, Still Dirrty
Third Eye Blind, God of Wine
Bon Jovi, This Ain't a Love Song
Saving Jane, Girl Next Door
Billie Holiday, Strange Fruit
The Postal Service, Against All Odds
Something Corporate, Punk Rock Princess
Judy Garland, Danny Boy
Matchbox Twenty, Downfall
Michael Jackson, Tabloid Junkie
Pink, You Make Me Sick
Christina Aguilera (!), Underappreciated
Foo Fighters, All My Life
Frank Sinatra, New York, New York
Ben Folds, Song For The Dumped
Edith Piaf, Tu Me Fais Tourner La Tete!
Michael Jackson, everything ever oh my god make me stop
Christina Aguilera, ditto jesus christ what's wrong with me

All right. Okay! I should have listened to y'all the first time, but I did not. So, um, based on this abysmal list of songs I should be locked away for owning, what do you guys recommend? I promise to pay more attention this time. I need help.

Edit: In the interest of full disclosure, I added some more things I hadn't intended to admit publicly. Sara's journal: Now with more suckage!


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