so shoot me, all right?

here is what you have taught me:
that you can wake up in the morning
and look fully forward
to a day where oppression
is a word in the newspaper.

here is what i've learned:
that it's okay to smile
even if your hours are action-packed
and your family is
sometimes monstrously scattered,
often in vehement disagreement.

here is what i observed:
that it's possible to relish the chores
and tasks that you do for money,
the support you give
to yourself and your beloveds,
never thinking of prostitutes.

here is my new knowledge:
that a couch can be comfortable,
accepting and soft, with just
a touch of warmth,
a place to go when you're tired
and the eternal mimic of its users.

here is the thought you sparked:
that books are wonderfully necessary,
and words, their component parts,
as essential and precise
as any gourmet recipe, although
it's fine to adore those, too.

here is the story that you tell:
something about bravery and love,
many quest(ion)s and an insatiable thirst
for the knowledge that allows you
to appreciate every minute
and second in which you expand.


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