Still no sleep. Still too much to do.

I called the exterminator yesterday and rescheduled for Monday so that we'd have time over the weekend to clean the apartment and pack up dishes and Connor's toys. I got to work on my papers, and one of them turned out brilliantly — and then I realized that they were actually due on Wednesday. And I couldn't take the test, even thought it was due yesterday, because apparently our instructor had set it to disable itself at noon. Wonderful. Here's hoping my professor will find my idiocy charming.

We're taking four of our five cats to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated today. The fifth cat has already been spayed, and I'll buy her shots and administer them myself. This whole thing where we have money is certainly making life complicated; all of a sudden, I have things like exterminators and multiple kitty surgeries to deal with.

This morning has been one long pratfall, seriously. I woke up at 4:00 (that's AM, folks) and simply could not get back to sleep. We're trying to corral the kitties in our bedroom so they'll be ready when it's ball-chopping time, but they keep making mad dashes for the door every time we have to go in to our room. We need cat carriers and apparently no place in town sells them. (Well, except for the one farm-supply store that has one cat carrier that costs $30. Um, no thanks.) We are going to be the ghetto people who take our flea-riddled pets to the vet in cardboard boxes.

Cats in. Cats out. Mad cats. Sad cats. Whiny cats. Why do we have so many cats? Look, there goes Paws. How did he get out?

If we survive, I'll catch you guys tomorrow.


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