more connor than you can shake a stick at.

ETA: He's home! After two days of grandparents, he is home! And he is throwing out FASCINATING CONVERSATIONAL GAMBITS and then refusing to follow through. For instance:

Connor: I went in a pyramid!
Me: You did! Was it a big pyramid?
Connor: Yeah. I was scared of the dark in the pyramid.
Me: You were! Didn't you remember a flashlight?
Connor: No.
Me: Did you find a mummy?
Connor: I don't know.

Then, a little while later…

Connor: I went deep in the ocean and saw fishies and a turtle!
Me: Really! Was it cold in the ocean?
Connor: No.
Me: Was the turtle pretty and green?
Connor: Yeah.
Me: Did you get sand in your suit?
Connor: No.
Me [desperately calling upon rusty journalism skills for leading questions]: Did you, um, like the fishies?
Connor: Yep.
Me: ….
Connor: Well, I sure DID!

Dear Connor, please don't ever change. Love, Ma. (Yes, Ma. That's what he's decided to call me now. I don't want to hear any smart remarks from the Internet, either.)


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