I hope none of you ever go through what I went through this weekend.

People, my computer crashed. And when I say “crashed,” I mean that I think I heard it sobbing drunkenly over a razorblade and a bottle of pills sometime on Saturday. It was awful. Awful.

Also, it was midterm weekend. Both of my midterms had to be done by 5:00 this afternoon, and guess what? I just got my computer working again. I still don't have MS Office. (If any of you can send me a copy, I'll love you for eternity!)

I had to hardline the BIOS. Then I had to reformat. Then I had to manually correct the registry. Then I had to download some stuff and reformat again. Now… well, now I'm still not entirely sure my computer will stay functional. It seems okay, but there were three registry issues I couldn't correct, and I can't figure out how to do them manually. I also can't find a registry fixer that is free. This could spell disaster.

Sorry I was away for a bit. I was coaxing my PC off a ledge.


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