ahhh. friday.

Today is my cheat day. It's my day to be excessively girly, instead of strict and practical. It's my day to eat all the unhealthy, tasty, caloriffic foods that I've dropped from my everyday meals. It's the day where I don't have to be entirely sober. It's like a payday that I give to myself.

This particular Friday is very, very nice. The weather even cooperated by being sort of breezy and and sunny and not sweltering. I'm wearing a short skirt and these awesome high-heeled slingback sandals. I have a plate of cream puffs (!) in front of me, and I'm drinking a girly cocktail that contains fruit-flavored rum.

… And, wow, now it's two hours after I started typing this. Sorry, guys, I had company. It was less than exciting. (See that post down there about bad parents with misbehaving children. Then picture three of these kids and two of these adults rampaging around my house, breaking things and dumping apple juice over my son's head.)

I just got a phone call from one of my best friends. He lives three hours away, and I almost never get to see him. However! During the course of this phone call, he divulged that he will be here to visit tomorrow.

Ah, summer. You sexy whore, you.


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