a secondary soapbox.

Okay, I want to get some honest opinions from y'all.

Go look at this image. Please don't read the text yet.

Do you see anything amiss in that picture? Is it hot? Is it not hot? Would you like to hang it on the wall of your bedroom, or would you like to tape it to the fridge?

I've been getting in to the “politics of fat” for about a year now. It's this thing I'm doing — trying to accept being a big girl instead of forcing myself through the routine of starvation and manic exercise. I have found lots of wonderful books, lots of wonderful artwork, lots of wonderful people throughout this quest. I mean, there's a reason I am almost 5'9″ instead of barely 5'2″. There's a reason I have sturdy bones and dense musculature. I'm getting used to it.

Still, sometimes I need to check with people I actually know. I need to hear from people who hang out with me, people who read what I write, people who see me on a daily basis, and people who see me once a year. I need to know how this whole corporeal acceptance issue is affecting my life. So, I want some answers.

I don't want answers that are based on reasoning like this: “Well, I know that sarawr is overweight now, and I know that she's kind of needy, and I really do like her, so I'll just tell her that chick is really hot and I'd pick her up in a bar before I'd even look at a 120-pound Trixie.” I want some real opinions. I promise that I am far enough along on my girl power journey that I won't be crushed by what you say. You're not going to drive me to yark up my salad, know what I'm saying?

So, answers. Please. And then you can go read the text on that page if you want to.


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