one of those days.

Sometimes, things just happen right.

Today was a really, really good day. I got my check — on time, with my name spelled correctly, for the exact amount I had been anticipating. There was no drama about cashing it; I walked into the bank, signed on the dotted line, flashed my student ID, and that was it. Money in my hand. Connor behaved like an angel in the bank and received the holy reward that is sugar, in the form of a blueberry lollipop.

We went to the mall, because we needed a whole bunch of stuff and we were just sick of Wal-Mart. Being poor gets old. You get tired of the same hastily basted seams and generic turkey breast slices, you know? So, mall. I am very afraid of the mall, because when I spend $100 there I have two new things, as opposed to Wal-Mart where I can spend $100 and have a new house. I had trepidation.

It was completely unjustified. Every single store had massive sales going on. It was beautiful. I spent $25 in Bath & Body Works and walked out with two full-size body sprays, a new loofah, a fancy lip balm, and four full-size lotions. I spent $30 at my favorite clothing store (the one I almost never shop at because all of those beautiful clothes are $8 million per square yard) and ended up with a gorgeous silver bracelet, a smoking hot royal blue ribbed tank, an incredibly sexy silky black knee-length skirt, a cute blue-and-white button-down shirt, and some fabulous sunglasses. What? How is this even possible?

Hastings let me pre-order the new Harry Potter book for only three bucks. Hastings also had miraculously restocked their Tom Robbins selection, just as if they had been thinking of me and decided that I deserved a really nice gift. It was like… it was like having a birthday on Christmas when you're Paris Hilton. (Except without the incarceration.)

There were cute sandals and an adorable summer shorts set for Connor at Wal-Mart. (Yeah, we always end up there eventually.) We found a new toothbrush for him just when we had despaired of toddler toothbrushes ever being manufactured again. Artichokes were on sale.

I'm home now. We're all very tired. I get to type on the computer and listen to my husband and son giggle in the bath. There are three artichokes bubbling away on the stove and more on my counter. I have some nice booze and a new lip balm.

Guys? This is my beautiful life. Let's hear an amen.


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