these are a few of my… eh, whatever.

Having a kid really makes you appreciate the little things in life. I know, I know, everybody who has ever had a kid and is also not a child abuser or a serious misanthrope says that, but it's true. The little things your brain chooses to appreciate post-baby, though… those are what surprise you. The specificity gets to you after a while. An example:

Pre-baby: You wake up at 4:30 in the morning. There is no chance in hell that you will get back to sleep. You toss about in the bed, muttering discontentedly and dreading the post-lunch slump.

Post-baby: You wake up at 4:30 in the morning. There is no chance in hell that you will get back to sleep. You leap out of bed, galvanized by the unexpected opportunity to spend four! whole! hours! doing whatever you want. You start making coffee and take a leisurely shower/bath while it's brewing, savoring the experience of reading two whole chapters of a book in the tub. You blowdry your hair and manage to find clothes that match. You enjoy completely uninterrupted internet time while consuming coffee. You briefly entertain the hilarious notion of setting your alarm for 4:30 every single day.

Kids make you crazy. I stumbled over a pile o'toys that I somehow missed during last night's routine cleanup and it made me misty-eyed — my son, who is sleeping peacefully, allowing me these few hours of pretending to be unencumbered, left these toys here as a gentle reminder of his beloved presence! Oh, look, there's that sheet that he spilled his juice on yesterday! Arrr, isn't that so cute now that I don't have to attend to five other things simultaneously! Dear dark, silent world, I love you! Isn't that sunrise beautiful!

Hey, I wonder when he's going to wake up.


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