Things I Am Loving About This Summer:

1) Cold summer foods, like gazpacho, three-bean salad, and ice cream.

2) A strange abundance of fresh fruit (cherries, lots of citrus, delicious peaches).

3) Ragged denim miniskirts.

4) Languishing, sprawled across my bed in my overheated bedroom, half-clothed with book in hand.

5) Attending an evening class a la 1999.

6) New music for warm midnights.


Things I Am Hating About This Summer:

1) It is unpleasantly moist.

2) This apartment is a dump.

3) The swamp cooler is inefficient.

4) My camping plans keep falling through.

5) My travel plans keep falling through.

6) My favorite sno-cone place did not open.


What's your tally?

[Edit:] The lightbulb in my bathroom blew out this morning as I was brushing my teeth. The bathroom has no windows and is positioned in such a way that it does not receive light from any other section of the apartment — this place has the stupidest layout ever. (It used to be part of an “immigrant's home,” which in New Mexico is the early-1900s equivalent of a slave cabin.) As soon as the light blew out a roach (!) crawled complacently across the bathroom floor, and I skedaddled. I have been waiting for Michael to get home and change the bulb, because our household is all about gender-based division of labor. I have not brushed my hair or fully dressed or applied makeup, because these things require a mirror and it's more than my life is worth to go back into the dark bathroom.

Just now, an epiphany! I went into my bedroom to grab a book and realized that there is a mirror! In my bedroom! Where there is light! I am still a moron, but now I am a moron with tidy hair and a bra that doesn't show through my shirt. The fucking end.


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