Connor and I have invented a little online ritual wherein he requests something he'd like to see and we do a Google search for it. It's nice, because he's getting to see things he doesn't normally see, and I can usually fit in a sneaky spelling lesson as well.

Tonight, he requested a pretty bird. Click the link. I'll wait.

That was pretty awesome, right? I showed it to , and the following conversation ensued:

sarawr says:
that one is connor's FAVORITE.
soshesays says:
God! I've never been scared of birds, but GOD!!!!
sarawr says:
he is laughing up a storm, but i'm afraid he will have nightmares.
soshesays says:
Look at its mouth!!!!
soshesays says:
What's wrong with it? Shit.
sarawr says:
it's angry about being so “pretty!”
soshesays says:
I would also be angry, were I that pretty.

It's shaping up into one of those nights.


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