i think we all can relate.

… I was unhappy just plain being a kid, and I never looked forward to the next grade or birthday or going to high school or college. (Although in retrospect I should have been looking forward to college, because I ended up very much enjoying the bastion of pseudo-adulthood it is. Like playing with the other kids in a big, safe, intellectual sandbox. With liquor.) I just wanted the child-ness and the powerlessness to be over with now. I wanted to be an adult. Being an adult is exponentially preferable to being a kid. So now I have this weird intense empathy for babies and children and teenagers. Even when I witness them in public being horrible, I just want to telepathically say, “I know. This sucks. I'm sorry you have to be a kid. I'm sorry that TV talks down to you and no one understands and everything you need is stored on high shelves. Just try and wait it out.”

mimi smartypants, from a very old entry

Yep. And now I will stop with the updating.


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